The city of Amarillo, Texas is home to the Dynamite Museum, an art installation featuring thousands of hand-made road signs. The project was funded by Henry Marsh 3, who also collaborated with Ant Farm to produce Cadillac Ranch.

The world is my apple by Will Krause via flickr
Hereditary, Ahram Park, 2020

Our friends at Bridge Projects are sharing virtual poetry readings every Friday at noon PST. In keeping with the theme of their current exhibition, To Bough and To Bend, the readings are all related to trees and nature.

Into chairs? We are. In this 90 minute documentary, Chair Times, Vitra shares 125 chairs from its collection, spanning a 200 year history of the form and context of design.

Still from Chair Times, Heinz Bütler, 2020
Poster by Jon Santos (Common Space)

Stop DiscriminAsian is “a coalition of workers within arts and culture who are confronting the racism, xenophobia and violence towards diasporic Asians that have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.” Become an Ally on their site today.

Here’s a great collection of music and sounds to get you through WFH times — Brian Eno’s 15 Essential Ambient Works — shared by Jon Pareles at the New York Times. Playlists: YouTube & Spotify.

(No Pussyfooting), Fripp & Eno, 1973
Still from Scenes from a Dry City, Simon Wood and François Verster, 2019

Field of Vision is a “filmmaker-driven documentary unit that commissions and creates original short-form nonfiction films about developing and ongoing stories around the globe.” Beautiful, intelligent 20-minute-or-less insights into the world.

Perfume Genius’ new album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately “feels very cinematic and tactile, a lot of sweet peaks and gritty valleys that are all equally beautiful and also kind of devastating,” says Kellen.

Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, Perfume Genius, 2020
Extra, Berton Hasebe

We’ll be featuring a new typeface in each edition of these emails, and today we’re featuring Extra Mono (Beta) by Berton Hasebe. A work in progress, “Extra started as a test to see what a modern monospaced typeface could look like,” says Hasebe. Stay tuned or its release.

The infectiously naive 90s geopolitical optimism and fashion in this live version of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” got us, well, hoping (and hopping) for a more clear future (says Dave).

In Your Eyes (Secret World Live), Peter Gabriel, 1993
RUN BITCH, Arca, 2019

JTT gallery will be hosting Arca in conversation with Hans Ulrich-Obrist on Discord (a chat app — download to join the conversation on Thurs, May 28) regarding new paintings by the multidisciplinary artist also known as Alejandra Ghersi.

Kitchen Broadcast is a new livestream performance series taking place every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm EDT. Tune in live on Twitch or see the full archive here.

Via The Kitchen Nyc Channel on Twitch
autobreeder (lite) a computer app by harm van den dorpel

No need to leave your house — left gallery sells downloadable digital art and interactive objects, including computer applications, screensavers, video, ebooks & pdfs, mobile apps, websites, and merch.

Miss visiting big museums like MoMA? Try their Virtual Views. Every week they offer an exclusive virtual tour of an exhibition, including talks with curators, Q&As, and more.

Double Transparency, Jesús Rafael Soto, 1956
Virtually Nowadays Website

Nowadays has also moved its programming online — check out Virtually Nowadays here for live sets, talks and movies Thursday through Sunday. And if you can, consider supporting the club with a Patreon membership. This will help give them a fighing chance!

If you recently read the stunning New York Times Magazine article about Val Kilmer by Taffy Brodesser-Akner, you might be trying to imagine him in quarantine. Look no further than this Oneohtrix Point Never video for the song “Animals”.

Animals (Director's Cut), Oneohtrix Point Never, 2016
Pioneer Works Website

Pioneer Works Broadcast features interviews, videos, music and digital experiences that bring the Red-Hook based art and science community to your home.

QAnon is emblematic of modern America’s susceptibility to conspiracy theories, and its enthusiasm for them.” Check out this Atlantic article by Adrienne LaFrance for the story behind this perplexingly powerful group.

Illustration by Arsh Raziuddin via The Atlantic
898 SQUASH from Row 7 Seed Company

Do you love vegetables? Growing your first garden? Try these seeds from Row 7, created by chef Dan Barber and a team of breeders at Stone Barns.

Stay tuned all day long with Stream Informer, a social and email feed featuring a host of live DJ streams.

Stream Informer via instagram
Togethering — A digital broadside , Carmen Winant from Printed Matter, Inc.

Download and print this digital broadside by our friend Carmen Winant. In Togethering, Carmen “speaks to her encounter with a body of images from lesbian photography workshops, navigating her sense of affinity for the work, as well as her distance”. More on Printed Matter’s website.

Game designers are taking video rendering refinements to the next level with technology like Unreal Engine. It’s incredible to imagine how these visuals will be applied into our digital experiences, gaming and beyond.

Still from PS5 Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo Video
Visual Society Website

We’re feeling the designs — fashion and graphic — from Switzerland fashion house Visual Society, a “gender neutral independent fashion label based in Geneva.”

In case you live in Los Angeles and can’t step outside, David Lynch has you covered with his daily Weather Report.

Weather Report, David Lynch Theater
Still from Muhammad Naufal Samsudin’s Instagram

Wanna make some music with things you have at home? Try making a xylophone out of water glasses like this Pahang-based Malaysian photographer.

Yuchen Chang has been posting really nice video tutorials about art book making on Printed Matter’s Youtube. Accordion books, Sol Lewitt/Books as Structure, simple pamphlet binding, and more!

Sol LeWitt : Books as Structure / Books as System, Printed Matter, Inc. via Youtube
100,000,000,000,000 Dollars, Zimbabwe, 2008 from Smithsonian Open Access

This 100 Trillion Dollar bill from Zimbabwe reminds us that money is just a concept… right?

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