The Anthology Film Archives is offering online film screenings throughout August. They kick off with the series titled Prison Images: Incarceration and the Cinema which features a collection of films, newsreels and documentaries that are all available from their website.

Image via Anthology Film Archives Website
NURSE 1, COVID-19, Aya Brown, 2020

Artist Aya Brown released a new series featuring black women working essential jobs during the pandemic. You can find the series here and more about Aya here.

Looking for a new board game to play with your housemates? Originally published in 1978, New York University professor Bertell Ollman designed Class Struggle as an alternative to Monopoly. The game offers a “speculative path towards revolutionary confrontation between capitalists and the working class”.

Class Struggle, Simon Denny and Joanna Pope, 2020. Courtesy: the artists
Reading Machines Website

Tiger Dingsun released a “publishing platform for non-teleological reading” through this wonderfully simple and playful site called Reading Machines.

As the end of summer approaches we wanted to extend the beach days a little bit longer with the new shirt coming soon. Message us on instagram or email if you’d like to pre-order.

Wax Radio End of Summer Tshirt
Still image from The Flying Train, 1902 via MoMA Film Vault Summer Camp

Every Thursday in August MoMA is “streaming treasures from MoMA’s film archive and sharing fascinating cinema history” from their Film Vault Summer Camp.

So many significant moments have happened in the last 5 months that it feels impossible to remember them all, and yet there’s always more to discover. This photographic timeline is a small reminder of how profound that journey has been.

Screenshot via The New York Times (Photo by Daniel Arnold)
High Sci-Fi Ep.2

Check out the new show premiering on called High Sci-Fi. The show builds on the intersection of contemporary art and science fiction to “make new myths … and imagine different realities”. Check out the latest episode featuring the artist, curator and historian Raino Isto.

If you want to go deeper into some of the classic video game worlds you’re now so familiar with check out the Digital Museum of Video Game Levels and stroll the Mario Kart countryside like you’ve always wanted to.

Mario Cart via No Clip website
Telas, Nicolas Jaar, 2020

Nicolas Jaar takes us on an ambient journey of solitude with the release of his new album Telas. The album features a digital visualizer to help transcend the distractions around us.

If you’re looking to escape your own neighborhood bubble, Filmmaker Jamil McGinnis and designer Max Friedman published a new book titled Things You Know that captures “the mile-wide neighborhood of Crown Heights” through “a compendium of photographs, stories and objects”. You can find the book available on their website.

Still image via Thinks You Know Website
Image via Unsound Website

Unsound lab is coming back in early September to offer a series of workshops and discussions for people working in the music and performance industry. The lineup for this year’s program includes classes led by people working in booking, management, music publishing, journalism, entertainment law and artist support. You can apply here until August 21st, with admission decisions made by August 30th.

Now that masks have become an essential part of our daily lives we thought it would be good to dig into the latest Maskology and learn to make our own.

Image via @zhijunwang on Instagram
Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything, Netflix, 2020

Inyeong recommends the Netflix series Connected because it highlights how “mundane behavior has a big impact on the world we live in”. The show explores these behaviors in a way that is both “entertaining and informative”. ⁠

In each edition of A 2 Z 4 U, we feature a different typeface. Today, we’re featuring Toy, designed by Out of the Dark from Zürich. The typeface is meant for “ultra tight letter treatment” and “inspired by a magazine called Le vie d’Italia that was published between 1917 and 1968”. It comes in a display cut that you can find on their site here.

Type specimen via Out of the dark Website
Capricorn, Trevor Powers, 2020

Formerly known as Youth Lagoon, Trevor Powers releases a new album that “explores the beauty of the natural world with a lingering disquiet” as Pitchfork writer Quinn Moreland describes it. You can listen to the full album here.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center is hosting a 2020 summer lecture series featuring artists from around the world. Check out the latest lecture by Christina Quarles talking about her work and process here.

Casually Cruel, Christina Quarles, 2018
Moving image via Pioneer Works website

Looking to push your gaming to the next level? Try joining the Red Hook Regatta Game Jam starting August 22nd. You’ll compete against others in a series of computer games built by students to win gift cards on Steam. You can register here.

Every wonder what the sunset would look like on another planet? Nasa simulated sunsets on our neighboring planets and moons to find out.

Still image via NASA Scientist Simulates Sunsets on Other Worlds on NASA website
This is Not a Gun, Sming Sming Books, 2020

This Is Not A Gun is a forthcoming book based on a project of the same name by artist Cara Levine. The book “gathers contributions from 40 artists, writers, healers, and activists who each respond to 40 objects that police officers have mistaken for guns, during a shooting of an unarmed civilian.” The preorders for the first edition have already sold out but you can join the waitlist for the 2nd edition.

An ongoing digital series at The Shed called Up Close invites artists “exploring what it means to think about the world and make art right now”. This series aims “to continue to connect audiences and artists, building on our beliefs that access to art and culture is a right and not a privilege and that artists’ voices are essential in helping us cope with, process, and understand the immediacy of what we experience individually, in our communities, and as a society”.

Image via The Shed Website
View Point, Thomas Lohr and Olu Odukoya, 2020

If you’re looking to reflect on the new normal that’s taking place outside your window then check out this new book by photographer Thomas Lohr and art director Olu Odukoya called View Point. The book is a collection of images taken from the photographer's balcony in Paris, including interventions overlaid in playful Baldessari inspired graphics.

We had a lot of excitement over the release of our new Utility Belt featuring our upcoming typeface. So we’ve decided to offer another round of them to purchase here. All the proceeds will be donated to the CUP with the Red Hook Community Justice Center.

Wax Studios Utility Belt
Screenshot via Google Arts & Culture

We’re fascinated by the growing digital experimentation happening right now. Many of which are using movement through simple x and y axes based on classic maps and geography. We’re also more aware of how separated we are these days, this site reminds us how inherently connected we are at all times through (x) degree of separation.

Are you zoomed out? We should all be reminded that once upon a time we used to use the telephone, and NOT ZOOM, so call now 1-844-NOT-ZOOM.

Image via 1-844-NOT-Z00M Facebook
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