Nina Chanel Abney, who typically makes very two-dimensional paintings, unveiled her first AR artwork “Imaginary Friend” in August, to mark the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Browser-based Instruments Website

Berlin-based design and code studio Martin Wecke has released a beautiful and fun set of minimal browser-based instruments.

Ever wanted to play with an extinct animal?Google’s Arts & Culture site hosts a digital playground of AR toys to keep you busy.

Image via Google’s Arts & Culture
Derick ‘Spectacular Slicc’ Murreld in Revelation of Proverbs via The Shed

Revelation of Proverbs by Reggie ‘Regg Roc’ Gray and the D.R.E.A.M. Ring dancers connects a group of dancers isolated in their own homes into one beautifully coordinated performance.

Students at the AA School of Architecture, staff, alumni, and prospective students were invited to submit their proposals for Earth-themed drawings and models for this Earth Drawings Exhibition, which is exhibited here in a virtual gallery designed by Space Popular.

Fuse Website

Looking for some “interesting internet”? Still read “blogs”? Fuse is a growing collection of creative reference and digital entertainment.

We’re grieving the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and remembering her legacy of fighting for equal rights for women and all people. Please consider supporting the ACLU in her honor.

Courtesy of Justice Ginsburg's Personal Collection

In Google Maps Hacks, Berlin-based artist drags 99 second hand smartphones around in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps.

If you’ve been following our newsletter, you know we’re big fans of Iliamna Fish Co… and now we’ve designed their new site! Sign up to be notified about salmon shares for next year.

Iliamna Fish Co Website
Screenshot from Nicer Tuesday

Designer Jerome Harris shared his history and work in It’s Nice That’s Nicer Tuesdays event last week, showcasing a recent book project and his community- and passion-driven practice.

The iconic Korean streetwear brand thisisneverthat put together a massive 1,000 page archive of the last 10 years in their new monograph thisisneverthisisneverthat / thisisneverthat® Archives: 2010-2020.

Image via @workroompress Instagram
Still image from Up Close: “Of Lies & Liars Study 05” by Tony Cokes via The Shed

Of Lies & Liars Study 05 is the final installment of a five-part series of new video artworks by Tony Cokes, conceived as sketches for a future longer work and commissioned for The Shed’s “Up Close” digital commissioning program.

The most mysterious person in fashion is revealed in Martin Margiela: In His Own Words.

Image from Street View of 1940s New York

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to walk through the streets of NYC in the early 20th century, look no further! Explore this map of most buildings in the 5 boroughs between 1939 and 1941, or take a virtual trip through NYC in 1911. ⁠

The Museum of Other Realities is an “immersive multiplayer art showcase in VR,” putting breakthrough virtual reality works on view and redefining the artistic space as we know it.

Still image from VR Launch Trailer
Parallel-Parallel Website

Countless events and plans have been paused or cancelled in the wake of this pandemic, and so has all the design work that went into them. Parallel-Parallel is highlighting projects that have been postponed or unrealized so they’re not left sitting on the hard-drive forever.

For a deeper dive into an immersive moving-image experience, watch this Q&A and discussion on Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver’s 1968 work “Cinematic Illumination” currently installed at MoMA. They explore the artist’s history and his ties to the Japanese avant-garde art movement.

Cinematic Illumination, Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver, 1968-69 via The Museum of Modern Art

In each edition of A2Z4U, we feature a new typeface made by friends. In this edition, we feature Anno by Raf Rennie. Anno was meant to be a Times replacement, combining it with the Latin characters in Kozuko Mincho. The project began in 2014, but Rennie redrew most of it in 2019, and finished it in 2020 with the full glyph set completed and mastered by Ben Fehrman-Lee.

Collina Strada’s Spring/Summer 2021 presentation for NYFW entitled “Change is Cute” combines the virtual and actual in a dreamy fantasy world. The show involves heavy collaboration and places sustainability and change in the forefront while keeping it as light and joyful as the pieces themselves.

Still image from Collina Strada SS21 Video
Director Wes Anderson and New Balance 1300, Photo by Arena Homme, 2003 via @trainer.spotting Instagram

What sneakers do they have on? Trainer Spotting is a collection of historic and iconic sneaker moments just to browse or if you’re looking to add to your shoe rack.

If you’re in Los Angeles, visit Marta to see their current show Under/Over featuring “62 bathroom-focused and -adjacent works from 53 artists, designers, and studios” on view through November 1st.

Under / Over w/ Plant Paper, Various Artsts, 2020. Image via Marta Website

Make sure you’re registered and ready to vote in the U.S. on November 3rd (or earlier). Find where you are in the process and then check out artists calls to plan your vote.

Summer’s not over yet! There’s still a limited supply of our Summer Reflections t-shirt with reflective ink and wavy type. Get yours here.

Wax Radio Summer Relection T-shirt
Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration via MoMA

MoMA PS1’s newest eXhibition, Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration, features “art made by people in prisons and work by nonincarcerated artists concerned with state repression, erasure, and imprisonment,” following the release of curator Dr. Nicole R. Fleetwood’s book by the same name.

Young, Gifted And Black: 10 Things I Learned Watching 'Basquiat: Rage to Riches highlights lesser-known insights into artist Jean-Michel Basquiat’s life, gleaned from the American Masters film Basquiat: Rags to Riches

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Courtesy of Marion Busch
Officesss Website

Shake up your next Zoom call by pretending to be in your (or someone else’s) workspace. Officesss has a whole bunch of backgrounds that you can use to hide your own background or try out a new studio.

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