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WAX Issue 8 — Fear
ISSN 2167-8073 08

FEATURING Sergiy Barchuk, Travis Diehl, Dingum, Yodit Eklund, David Brandon Geeting, Candice Lin, Molly Prentiss, Raf Rennie, Dane Reynolds, Richard Ross, Brea Souders, Rell Sunn, Glenn Walton, Carmen Winant, Samson Young and many more!

Issue 7 — Immersion
Summer 2015

ENGROSS in conversations with Lisa Tan and Nicholas O’Brien, Troy Mothershead with Kris Chatterson, Charles Atlas with Carmen Winant, Leah Dawson with Aeriel Brown and Emilie Halpern with Sydney Russell.

SATURATE in night surfing with Donnie Hedden, modern sun masks and towels photographed by Sacha Maric, water-distorted test patterns photographed by Harry Griffin, underwater surfing by Nick LaVecchia and Ryan Struck, summer menswear by Sacha Maric and Mac Heulster and artwork by Anne Vieux.

ABSORB an essay on Ron Church by Margaret Cohen, a discussion on surf soundtracks with Tyler Breuer and filmmaker Andrew Kidman, and immersive essays by Elena Schilder and Geoffrey Hilsabeck.

Winter 2015

Featuring secrets on shaper KYLE ALBERS, artist AMY YAO with DREW HEITZLER, musicians CONNAN MOCKASIN and TIM KOH (from ARIEL PINK), baker/restauranteur CHAD ROBERTSON of TARTINE; original photography by ROB KULISEK, DREW BLAUSCHILD, JAMES KATSPIS, RYAN STRUCK, TCOLLA, DOMINICK VOLINI, BANJO MCLAUGHLIN; fashion in London by LUKE & NIK, a visit to Wonderland by PATRICK ROMERO; a dispatch from Japan by KAZUHIRO TERAUCHI; essays by JAAP PROOST, MARGARET COHEN, and MICKIE MIENHARDT, remarks on ANDREW GELLER’S architecture, with cover art by PIERRE VANNI.

Issue 5 — Immediacy
Summer 2014

FEATURING profiles of Cory Arcangel with Hans Ulrich Obrist, John Houck with Chris Wiley, Alek Parker with Aeriel Brown, Xavier Cha with Carmen Winant, and Trip Patterson with Mariah Ernst. A 24-HOUR ART PROJECT with Michael Bell-Smith, Lucas Blalock, Skyler Brickley, Ethan Greenbaum, Fabienne Hess, David Horvitz, John Houck, Boru O’Brien O’Connell, Hayal Pozanti, Will Rogan, Cheryl Yun and Cory Arcangel. And more!

Issue 4 — Flux
Winter 2014

Featuring legendary surfer WAYNE LYNCH on the boredom of competition, artist MATTHEW BRANNON on unlikability, longboarding Champion SCHUYLER McFERRAN on community building, gallerist LISA SPELLMAN on Chelsea in the Nineties, photographer JOHN LEHR looking at Fall light, the beauty of women’s wetsuits by DAVID BRANDON GEETING, DEREK HYND on Far Field Free Friction, thoughts on FIN HISTORY by Mikey DeTemple, ASGER CARLSEN as shot by ADAM KREMER, and more, with intermittent distractions from the FLUXUS movement.

Issue 3 — Territories
Summer 2013

Featuring Leanne Shapton, Chris Del Moro, Gedi Sibony, Albert Folch, William Lamson, Will Adler, Matty Liot, Pia Howell, John Luke, and Metahaven.

Issue 2 — Structures
Fall / Winter 2012

Featuring Lawrence Luhring, Will Adler, Michael Marcelle, Kris Chatterson, Mercedes Maidana, Curtis Mann, John Luke, Mark Mahaney, and a free friction moment with Derek Hynd.

Issue 1 — Dialogues
Spring / Summer 2012

Featuring Mikey DeTemple, Richard Kenvin, Ann Pibal, Michael Scott Moore, Danny Gordon, Mara Hoffman, Garth Weiser, Drew Heitzler, Rob Kulisek, Mark Mahaney, and more!

Waiting for the End
of the World

Photography by Richard Ross
In Conversation with Karen Spector


I Know My Truth

Photography by Kang Hee Kim
Text by Elena Schilder


Candice Lin

In Conversation with Travis Diehl
Photography by Nathanael Turner


Samson Young

In Conversation with Philippa Snow
Photography by Ruslan Varabyou



Photography by Rob Kulisek
Styling by Marcus Cuffie



Auto Body and Wax present:


Charles Atlas

In Conversation with Carmen Winant
Photography by Mark Peckmezian


Changing Room

Photography by Sacha Maric
Styling by Mac Heulster


It Doesn’t Not Work II

Photography by Tim Schutsky
Text based on Interviews by Johnny Knapp


Sight Lines

Photography by Sacha Maric


Leah Dawson

In Conversation with Aeriel Brown
Photography by Jianca Lazarus